DevOps Girls 2019 in Review


We ended 2018 with a better understanding of our community. Turns out, the DevOps Girls community prefer workshops over talks and we aimed to deliver this throughout 2019.

A graph that indicates 81% of respondents prefer workshops
Survey results from our community at the end of 2018
From our Twitter poll at
Attendees of the October DevOps for testers workshop 📸Theresa Neate
Cloud Networking class and coaches 📸Billy Vollman

Conferences & Partnerships

DevOps Girls had a great year partnering with different conferences. Conference partnerships allows us to give our community the opportunity to attend and contribute to conferences. These might be conferences that they wouldn’t have been able to attend or wouldn’t have been encouraged to attend. This also goes a long way to improving the diversity in representation of the technical community at conferences. Diversity and inclusion initiatives for conferences like partnerships is really effective. It’s a step towards making the broader technical community more inclusive and paves the road for under-represented groups to have a place in it. Here’s a summary of our 2019 partnerships:

Container Camp

After a successful partnership with DevOps Girls in 2018 in Melbourne, we partnered with Container Camp again in 2019 at their Sydney conference. Our partnership meant we could give away free tickets to the community to attend.


We partnered with the DDD conference and presented a DevOps Girls stall. This allowed us to network with our technical community on a broader scale and even get information about how people learn. Turns out people learn best through collaboration and solving real problems in workshops.

A board asking what helps people learn
DDD Conference respondents


After a massive success in 2018, TConf partnered with DevOps Girls again. This partnership resulted in more first-time conference speakers from our community taking part in a lightning talks session, preceded by 8 weeks of coaching from Theresa Neate, delivered to them free of charge (thanks again to REA Group for providing the coaching premises). This is a great initiative to diversify the voices represented at conferences and is an excellent development opportunity for mentees.

Theresa, Diana, Bibi, Megan, Nancy and Christina posing in front of the tconf audience 📸Ilia Frankel


At the end of 2019, we also announced our partnership with BSides Melbourne, for the sold-out conference in 2020. DevOps Girls will be sending 5 people from our community to attend for free.

Success Stories

Karen Hutchinson was one of the speakers in our first group of DevOps Girls lightning talks coaching, the program lead by Theresa Neate in 2018. Karen then went on to present on her own at the Australian Test & Tech Automation conference as a speaker. You made us proud, Karen!

Lessons Learnt

2019 also saw us as a community change and grow in the way that we run things. Now that we’ve organised several events, mentored people, partnered with conferences and built a community from grassroots; we’ve learnt some things.

Thank You Volunteers and Coaches!

DevOps Girls is made up of a core group of 4 co-organisers, who are volunteers and do this in addition to our day jobs.


We’re looking forward to another year of great events and initiatives that further help and promote women and non-binary people in technology. To keep up-to-date, follow us on Twitter, join our page and ask us for an invite to our welcoming Slack community.



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